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*NEW 2009 Developed by RPM Athletics*
The Measure Sticks
Used at many state meets, Nike Indoor Invite, University of Huston, St Johns, Hamline, along with hundreds of high schools all across the USA 
Designed specifically for the high jump or pole vault

The best way to save time and accurately record all of the records in the high jump and pole vault events. These one of a kind devices will measure heights in either event above the world record heights. Both staffs measure in metric, and in english, to the nearest quarter inch or centimeter. One person can measure accurately by themselves in a matter of seconds. When finished the staff collapses into a small carrying case with a convenient shoulder strap for easy transport. both staffs include a bubble level for quick vertical positioning.


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PV-Staff - $205.00   Shipping $16.95   
Pole Vault Measuring Staff:   Will measure from 4' 9" up to 20' 4" and collapses to 59 inches.
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HJ-Staff - $172.00   Shipping $16.95 
High Jump Measuring Staff: Will measure from 3' 1" up to 8' 3" and collapses to 42 inches.

*Buy a set and Save even more money*
HJ-PV- Set - $356.00  Shipping $21.95
Displaying the pole vault measure stick and an integral part of the design of these measure staffs is Rod Fuchs from Sauk Rapids-Rice High School. In the last 12 years Rod has had numerous state meet entrants and medalists. His vaulters have finished with two Minnesota state championships, many top three and all state athletes.  
Here is what Rod asked for:
1. Both English and metric markings with separate background colors (white and yellow).
2. Only essential markings to the nearest centimeter and quarter inch. 
3. Light weight, one person operation, and collapsible so everything fits into the carry case.
4. A level that will distinguish vertical and be able to remain on the staff while inserted into the case.
5. A horizontal rod that is 16 inches long because many high school pole vault standards only come back to 15.5" from the plant box.



From 4' 9" up to 20' 4"




only 5 lbs


Reasonable overseas shipping