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Cam-Pole, Drop in sleeve - Call for current custom pricing - 

Two diamond shaped camera brackets at 10 feet and 12 feet can hold two cameras.  This system allows for easy drop in placement with handles. Never have to readjust the camera to the line and you can start timing in an instant. Additional ground sleeves let you move it quickly for placement on a new finish line such as shuttle hurdles or running in the other direction for a positive wind. Additional sleeves can be ordered for multiple placements. Simply drop your pole in a ground sleeve and the camera is on the line. Install a sleeve in a com box and it is hidden  (Great for turf fields)


Cam-Stand, Rolling base  $1050.00 An internally weighted portable stand with wheels the stand can hold two timing cameras.
An all aluminum welded portable timing stand. Never worry about loose bolts, rust, or having to repaint.
Eight inch solid wheels never need air yet provide a nice smooth roll.
Built with a hollow three foot wide base and a fill hole with plug to hold additional weight. The stand weighs 75 lbs by itself. Fill the base with sand to add an additional 60 lbs of base weight. You will never have to carry another sand bag again.
Two diamond shaped camera brackets at 10 foot and 12
Timing Camera Stand
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foot can hold two cameras. Cameras should be mounted sideways on the posts for easy right to left adjustment.
Other stands can cost up to $1500.00
Powder coat the stand with your school color for an additional 
RPM also makes custom brackets for timing cameras on light poles, stadiums stands, etc.                                                                 
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