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Top of the Line Products at Bottom Line Prices

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Cage Accessories

Outer Barrier Nets
Barrier nets go around the outside of the poles and keep spectators, coaches, and athletes from getting too close to the main net. They are UV coated and made from #21 nylon and have a breaking strength of 237 lbs.
$345.00  X-B - 7 x77 #21 Outer Barrier Netting for HS-x. Price includes all hardware and installation instructions.
$325.00  S-B - 7x68 #21 Outer Barrier Netting for HS-s. Price includes all hardware and installation instructions.

Pole Locking System  (click here for pictures)
An innovative one of a kind removable internal locking mechanism developed in our shop to secure our cages and barrier nets from removal. Tough stainless steel locks keyed alike connect to the front two poles. Once the front two poles are locked in and the cable strung it becomes very difficult to remove the other poles. These locks can be installed on all poles if needed. The ground sleeves are still flush with the ground when the locks and poles are removed.
This system may work on other 3.5" or smaller pole setups. Email us to check other systems compatability with our locks.
$99.00 per pair - Loc-sys -  Set includes an extra 3  tubular keys that will not break and a coated aircraft cable to connect all of the pole tops together. The cable also keeps the top of the netting straight and tight.

Pulley System
Our pulley system includes all hardware and rope to complete your pulley system for our cages.
$79.00 HS-s Pul
$89.00 HS-x Pul 

Replacement Nets
Our nets are UV soaked, #36 nylon, 345 lb strength, and weather treated. If you need replacment nets email us with your dimensions, or cage mfg / model. We will give you a price you won't believe! Please include a zip code for estimating delivery charges.
Cage Extensions 
Update your old cage for the 34.92 sector. Buy 2 poles and some netting to close your cage to within 4-5 feet of the sector.
$789.00  Cage-ext - Two 16' poles (2' goes into sleeve) package comes complete: ground sleeve with cover and stop bolt, pole cap with eyebolt, Two 14' high x 12' long nets, cinch straps and anchor sleeves 

All custom quotes must be in written form by fax or e-mail
Need Longer ground sleeves? We can help.
How about a special cage setup based on your field restrictions?
Would your athletes benefit from a barrier system around your lacrosse field during track season? Our system can be removed for the football/soccer season.
We can also do NCAA, IAAF, shot put, and portable systems .
E-mail us your needs, we are here to help