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Top of the Line Products at Bottom Line Prices

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Need Replacement Netting?
Nets are priced per square foot. 
To estimate costs you will need to figure out your Square footage.
Length x Height = Square footage


All nets are twisted knotted nylon with 1-3/4" square mesh and come weather treated for mositure and UV.


Type of net needed








Price per

Sq foot

Sewn border

per Lin. foot


Discus Cage

Net-21  245 lb2 Year Black $0.59 $0.29 

Commercial Discus

Economy Shot Put

Net-36  365 lb3 YearBlack  $0.64 $0.29


Shot Put

Net-42 435 lb3 YearBlack  $0.69 $0.29 
Hammer Cage Net-72 850 lb3 Year Black  $1.53 $0.29 

Ultra Heavy

Hammer Cage

 Net-96 1,112 lb3 Year Black  $1.99 $0.29

Completed nets have 5/16" poly twisted rope woven through every mesh around its border.

Rope borders may be sewn to the net for an additional cost listed above.


When ordering specify net height and length.


Also available:
  • Baseball batting cages, L screens, etc

  • golf netting all sizes

  • hockey arena netting clear mono or white  nylon

Email us with netting size and what the net will be used for and we will get back to you ASAP with a qoute.