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Top of the Line Products at Bottom Line Prices

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What should you look for in a Discus Cage? 

Q: Why aluminum Poles?
A: Many reasons.
-No rusting
-Never have to repaint.
-Best strength to weight ratio
-Lighter poles are easier to install, remove and store

Q: Why rolled curve poles?
-No welding means clean smooth lines.
-Save your expensive disks from hitting poles placed too close the net. Other systems have only 24" offset on their poles.
Q: What type of netting should a cage have?

A: Our system can be both, but removable poles with ground sleeves make it easier to move them to another location or replace poles if damaged.
-Entire cages can be moved to another area in minutes with additional ground sleeves.
-Cages can also be rotated on the same throwing pad to a more favorable wind by adding a few more ground sleeves
-Poles can still be locked in with our unique locking system.