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Top of the Line Products at Bottom Line Prices

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Visit our new website to view a complete list of products, current pricing and online ordering.
At RPM we Design, Manufacture, and Sell
Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel Products for all Sports. We also build our own Landing Systems for high school and collegiate track and field teams- Custom size pits are our specialty!  
Check out all of our products with new ideas coming every day
 *Now Carrying Shot Puts, Discus, Stopwatches, Spikes, Batons, Carriers and more!!
We have great prices and the highest quality.
If we can't build it better for less we won't make it! 
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 Why Buy our Cages

We have the largest cages, strongest nets, and lowest price when compared to all other aluminum cages.

What should you look for in a cage?.

 We encourage you to compare 

our products  to all other 

Track and Field Manufacturers