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Removable Barrier Systems
(Shown below is the 10' high system)

All Barrier Systems are Priced per linear foot.
   Standard systems include 2" schedule 40 all aluminum poles, Our nets are #21 black commercial grade nylon coated to repel water, and UV protected with a 245 lb breaking strength. The nets have 1-3/4 inch square holes and a 5/16 sewn rope border that adds strength when attaching the top and bottom. We use heavy duty solid core poly vinyl ground tubes that will not corrode and act as glides for our poles allowing them to slide in easily and resist dirt. Our ground sleeve stop bolts are stainless steel to resist corrosion. All of our sleeves come with debris covers to keep them clean. Ground level sleeves allow for ease of mowing . Our nets attach to the pole tops with cinch straps and spring clips for quick removal. This helps your net move less, hang straight, and last longer by causing less wear on the netting. Standard systems can be made up to 14 feet tall. Barrier systems are sold in 20 foot sections with a minimum order length of 40 feet.
- Taller or shorter poles.
- Heavy duty poles up to 20 feet tall.
- Offset poles like you will find on our cages.
- Various netting sizes, colors, and strengths.
- Pulley systems.
- Custom pole and netting sizes available by request. Prices will vary depending on requests.
 E-mail or call us (320) 290-1482 for all custom quotes and designs