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Top of the Line Products at Bottom Line Prices

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Track and Field Products
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Track Equipment 

Ball Stop / Barrier Systems 

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Block Cart

10 Place                      $1,095.00

All aluminum, no flat cushion tires

            Camera Stands     

Portable rolling stand                           $1,050.00 


Ground sleeve w/ handles


            Hurdle Cart                      


Holds 12 hurdles 


Lane Gates                   $995.00

Set of 4                         $3,795.00


Pennant Stakes

43"                                   $12.95


Order 25 or more and save $.90 each

Spike Gauge                             $9.95

1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 gauge with wrench slot

Utility / Pit Carts 5' x 10'                                                    $1,899.95

 full frame, no flat cushion tires

Implement Cart


Aluminum welded Shot Put and Discus Cart.

 Holds 32 discus and 32 shot put.


$ 895.00


Custom Color Powder Coating $75.00



Implements- Call for current pricing


4K Women's Shot Put


4K Indoor Hard Shot 

4K Indoor Soft Shot

4K Cast Iron Shot

4K Turned Steel Shot

4K Brass Shot


12lb Men's Shot Put


12lb Indoor Hard Shot

12lb Indoor Soft Shot

12lb Cast Iron Shot

12lb Steel Shot

12lb Stainless Steel Shot



1.6K Rubber Discus

1K Rubber Discus

1.6K Indoor Discus

1K Indoor Discus

1.6K Target Discus

1K Target Discus

1K Prestige Discus

1.6K Galaxy Discus

1K Galaxy Discus


2-Shot Carrier

Discus Carrier w/ Strap



1/4'' Pyramid Spikes

1/8'' Pyramid Spikes

T-Handle Spike Wrench


Elastic Crossbar

Pennant Flags- Multicolor

Yellow/White Flag

Red/White Flag


32 Caliper Ammo Blanks


Throwing Areas

Throwing Circles


Discus Ring 8'2.5'' Dia.

Anchors included          $177.00


Shot Put Ring 7' Dia.           

Anchors included          $174.00



Discus Cages


HS-S    6 Pole    14' x 58'                                         $2,620.00


HS-X     7 Pole    14' x 70'     



Portable Discus Cage


14' x 48'                        $5,795.00

              Shot Put Cages   


14' x 48'                       $1,995.00


Replacement Net; Includes new clips and straps            $449.00


      Hammer Cages


Upon Request- call for current pricing   

           Cage Accessories


6 Pole Replacement Net;


7 Pole Replacement Net


Shot Put Replacement Net


Replacement Net; Includes new clips and straps

       Shot Put Toe Boards


Synthetic Poly                $238.00


Cast Aluminum              $415.00   


      Javelin Toe Boards                                                      $269.00



Tape Measures  

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Measuring Wheels - Click here for pricing

        Tape Measure Stakes          

37'' Length                        $17.95

Set of 4                             $59.95


Accu-Check Basic Kit       


Implement certification Kit,

Includes: 1.6k, 1k, 4k, 12lb, 4 spike gauges, carrying case and scale


Accu-Check College Kit   


Implement certification Kit

Includes all of the basic + 2k discus and 16lb shot gauge


Individual gauges


1k discus gauge                $97.00

1.6k discus gauge             $97.00

2k discus gauge                $97.00

12lb shot put                      $84.00

4k shot put                         $84.00

16lb Shot                           $84.00




55lb                                    $95.00



RPM builds it's own

Landing Systems. 


High Jump Pits

All pits include weather cover and top pad

no charge for custom colors


Competition  - with cutout   $5,995

18' x 10' x 28"


Full Safety  - with cutout    $6,995 

19'6" x 11'  x 28"


Replacement top cover with 2" foam for your old pit     

Fax a top view drawing with dimensions, clip placement and specify the desired color


Replacement weather cover for your old pit     

Fax a top view drawing with dimensions / bottom clip placement and specify color


Custom sizes available call for pricing

Pole Vault Pits

All pits come with a 10 year warranty with lifetime on the handles and straps. All prices include weather cover and top pad

no additional charge for custom colors



20' x 21' x 28"             $11,795.00 


22' x 24' x28"               $13,695.00


22' x 27' x28"               $14,995.00


22' x 24' x32"               $15,495.00


22' x 27' x32"               $16,995.00


Replacement top cover with 2" foam for your old pit     

Call for current pricing

Fax a top view drawing with dimensions and clip placement and specify color


Replacement weather cover   

Call for current pricing

Fax a top view drawing with dimensions / bottom clip placement and specify color


Custom sizes available call for pricing


Measuring Sticks 

Developed to enable easy and quick and accurate measurement of the high jump and pole vault.


HJ PV Set                        $356.00


High Jump                        $172.00


Pole Vault                         $205.00


Measure Stick Replacement Bag


Replacement Measure Stick items: Horizontal bar or bubble level                           $10.00/each

Pit Levelers                      $295.00

Pole Vault Box and Cover


Stainless steel box          $595.00

Stainless steel cover        $299.00


Pole Vault Poles 

Click here for Pricing


Spike Gauge                        $9.95


Tape Measures  

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