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Stainless Steel Pole Vault Box
 Designed to be installed at ground level or raised to the level of the track surface. This box has a 3/4 inch lip all the way around the box to accomodate the thickness of any track surface.
Why Stainless?
Stainless steel has a much smoother surface than oxidized aluminum which allows the pole to slide and rotate faster in the box. It will not rust like steel and will not gouge like aluminum. This being said your pole tips will last longer also.
The best material available for a vault box is stainless steel.
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PVS-SS  $595.00     
Yellow or white powder coating for box available for an additional $60
PVBC-SS $299.00      
The Stainless box covers have rounded corners to avoid any sharp edges. They have support braces and hook into the vault box to avoid and movement. You can add your track surface to a covers if desired by calling and asking for a depressed cover.